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Privacy? For sure!
Data is the gold of our time

It is indisputable that advances in technology and the Internet have driven the collection of data to dimensions that are hardly tangible any more. Uncertainties and a lack of transparency are widespread and even lead to wrong decisions. At askallo, we want you to be able to use our survey system with a clear conscience. That is why we inform you as clearly as possible about the subject of data protection.

Attention: The data protection declaration of our website can be found under „Legal notices“ (German only).

Our data protection – the four most important points:

SSL Verschlüsselung

Free SSL encryption

Whether for you in the customer area or when filling out a survey: SSL encryption is included free of charge everywhere.


Contractual protection

On request, we will be happy to conclude a data protection contract with you or include this as an annex to the contract.

Our location: Germany

Our roots are in the middle of the technology region of Karlsruhe, and we are true to them. Whether office space or data center, we are and will remain in Germany. Just like your data.

YOUR data!

…and not ours. The fact is: we are the neutral third party between the survey organizer and the participant. Our strength is to create connections between you and the participants. The data collected is 100% yours.

The following information gives you an initial overview of our data protection guidelines, regardless of whether you are conducting surveys or whether you are currently taking part in a survey.

What advantages does askallo offer?

  • We are clearly committed to the server and operating location Germany, the GDPR and the German data protection laws
  • The data stored on our server systems will not be passed on or sold to third parties – you are and will remain the owner of your data
  • A contract amendment to regulate commissioned data processing in accordance with the DS-GVO, including technical and organizational measures (TOMs), etc., is easily possible
  • Your connection to the customer area is encrypted via SSL – and of course the surveys are also protected with SSL by default (can be deselected)

The following two sections explain how we and the askallo system handle your data and the data of your survey participants:

For survey organizers

  • Your data belongs to you
    All data and information such as surveys, questionnaire designs, participant addresses, results, etc. that you or your participants enter or upload into the askallo system remain your property. Selling or sharing your data (including anonymized data) with third parties is excluded by our company policies. The only exception to disclosure are court orders that may force askallo to release certain data.
  • Your account and master data
    To register for our survey system, we need your address and contact details. Optionally, you can provide an alternative billing address. If the term of the booked rate is over, your dynamic inventory data (surveys, results, participant addresses) can be retained via data hosting or will be deleted 30 days after the expiration of the account according to our GTC.
  • You decide what becomes public
    askallo offers you the possibility to decide yourself which surveys and results you provide:
    • Open surveys that can be announced on your website, social networks or other media, for example
    • Closed surveys with predefined participants enable e.g. company-internal surveys
    • Surveys of any type can be exported and also conducted as paper surveys
    • You can process/save the survey results in askallo only as well as export them and save them locally on your computer/network.
    • Online reports can additionally be released via askallo – if desired with IP filter, password protection and SSL encryption
  • Protection against misuse
    We use various techniques to prevent participants from taking part in surveys more than once and thus influencing the result. Furthermore, you can additionally restrict the group of participants via our IP filter and thus, for example, only grant access to employees of your company.

For survey participants

  • Responsibility for the content of a survey
    Every day, countless surveys of all kinds are created, published and answered via askallo. The responsibility for the content of the survey always lies with our clients; the answering of the survey is the responsibility of the participants. For questions regarding the content, please contact the organizer – usually the person or company who invited you to participate in the survey. If you have reason to believe that a survey violates our Terms of Use, may be part of a criminal offense, or has other objectionable content, please use our contact form to report it to us.
  • Anonymity of your answers
    The majority of all surveys processed through askallo are conducted in anonymous survey mode. We also generally take the position of a neutral third party, as we want to enable both the survey organizer and you, the participant, to get the best and most effective result.
    Nevertheless, there are use cases where a personalized survey makes sense and is necessary: binding registrations for events or seminars, processing of complaints, etc.
    In order to protect you as a participant and to correctly inform you about the current privacy mode, survey organizers can only decide BEFORE publishing a survey whether the survey should run anonymously or personalized. Below each survey page you will find a link to the privacy notice for the current survey, which cannot be hidden or influenced by the survey organizer. When you open the privacy notice, you will find binding statements about the privacy mode of the survey you have accessed. You can then decide for yourself whether to answer the survey or not.
  • No resale, no profiling
    The answers and information you enter or upload in a survey become the control of the survey organizer. askallo GmbH and the askallo survey system assume the role of data manager – without passing it on to other parties, selling it, or creating any other profiles (including anonymized ones) about you. What kind of further processing or sharing of your answers and information is done by the survey organizer is not our responsibility – please contact the survey organizer directly about this.
  • Data from you that we process
    In addition to the answers and information you provide during a survey, your e-mail address and additional information such as your first and last name or the name of the company in which you work may also be entered into our system by the survey organizer. This data will be kept until the customer deletes it or it is deleted by us due to the expired tariff.
    For the technical realization of some functionalities of our system we place (if possible) a cookie in your system; through this cookie you can cancel a survey and resume it at a later time without losing your answers. Furthermore, we use your browser’s LocalStorage (if available) to periodically cache your response data encrypted on your device – this minimizes the loss of your entered data especially in case of a bad internet connection or power outages.When you participate in a survey, the communication between your device and our server is generally logged. This is a standard web server protocol, which stores your anonymized IP address (anonymized by the plugin „mod_ipmask“ recommended by the data protection commissioner of Saxony), the time of the call, the called URL as well as the transmitted data and your browser ID.  
    Any data from or about you stored by the survey organizer, by you or by our system will not be resold by us as described in the previous point, nor will it be used to create profiles. The logs are used only for troubleshooting and optimizing our services – our goal is to provide a convenient and well-functioning survey system that our customers and survey participants will enjoy using, with success and with confidence.

Details for: anonymous surveys

When conducting surveys with askallo, your IP address is captured by the askallo web servers and stored anonymously (e.g. in the server logs, along with the date/time and the URL accessed. The IP address of your system/network is required by the askallo system during the execution of the survey, for example to grant or deny access to the survey in case of an IP filter set by the survey organizer. The storage is only anonymized during regular operation, the last byte of the IP address is set to 0.

In addition, the IP address through which you last had contact with the askallo system is stored anonymously (e.g. in your response record. This is used for troubleshooting purposes in the event of difficulties with the survey. The collected data is only used to ensure security functions / troubleshooting and is not made available to the survey organizer. askallo GmbH does not perform any analysis of the collected IP addresses.

Furthermore, a cookie is stored on your PC in which the current session ID (deleted at the end of the session) and the anonymized participant code (storage period: 1 month) are stored. If a participant code is available, the system checks whether the associated survey is still open and offers you the option of resuming the survey.

Please note that this survey is anonymous and does not require any personal data from you (e.g. customer number, name or e-mail address). However, if you enter personal data in a free text mask without being asked to do so, this data can be viewed by selected employees of askallo GmbH as well as by the survey organizer. askallo GmbH and the survey organizer expressly oppose the unsolicited provision of personal data, although you are aware that such provision cannot be avoided, but is at the discretion of the participant (you).

When SSL mode is active (default setting): This survey uses SSL mode. Your input is transmitted to the server system in encrypted form.

If you have any further questions, please contact askallo support.

More Information

If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with further information on the technical and organizational measures of our data center or our general security concept. Please use our contact form for your inquiry.